Covid 19 Infectious Disease

SARS COV-19 is the virus name that is affecting worldwide so many countries and has made population go indoors for protection. Staying indoor protects mostly the old people, people we love and care about. But is it that just the case? Does staying in means that we eliminate or even control the risk of contamination?

Clearly NOT! Especially in business buildings, Hospitals, Public Buildings in general, Air Conditioning Systems and Air Handling Units, most of the times, do not have the containment standards that should. For Healthcare System that is a non-leveled risk factor that can;t take into account or give the solution to, because poor engineering and maintenance will be -in many cases- the culprit behind cross contamination in Hospitals, infectious diseases break-out and general herd immunity in the end.

QUALITECH ENGINEERING & COMPLIANCE has worked, for the last few weeks in many Hospitals and Healthcare facilities, measuring and qualifying rooms and Laboratory Equipment (LAFs, Biosafety Cabinets, etc.). Using state of the art instruments (Discrete Particle Counters, Microbial Air Sampler, Hotwire Anemometer, etc.), we have qualified (or rejected) many HEPA ventilation and terminal filters and down cross hoods according to ISO14644, ISO 14698 for micro contamination and all respected EU GMP annexes.

Our people and Engineers, have contributed in constructing Negative Pressure Rooms and Intensive Care Units, and are performing with high integrity, Qualification Scheme of self containment rooms, gravital chambers, Microbial Hoods, HVAC units for Hospitals and Clinics, as well as ICUs and Surgery rooms for sterile and aseptic conditions.

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