COVID-19 Disinfection Validation

As operations start coming back in reality, Qualitech Engineering offers a variety of Cleaning and Verification activities for Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels and Public Buildings. Below the 7 Principles of Disinfection using DMAIC tools (Define-Measure-Analysis-Investigate-Control):

1. Assessment of Cleaning Procedures and Protocols

2. Verification of the cleaning Agents used (for different industry there is different application)

3. Identification of all possible infection routes (route cause investigation)

4. Mapping of the exposed areas and surfaces

5. Contamination Control Protocol

6. Decontamination Cycle

7. Control & Monitoring

We offer post-cleaning verification of your cleaning method. Our sampling activities are based on current WHO and other internationally recognized guidelines (ASHRAE, IAQ) using particle counters and active air samplers. Analyses on the samples are offered according to the pollutants found on site.

At the end of this process the building is awarded with a verification protocol of contamination control procedures.